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The original purpose of Stonehenge and other stone circles is one of the world’s great unsolved mysteries. Graham argues that, with stones aligned to the sun, stars, and positions of the moon, stone circles were not just astronomical calendars, as some scholars have proposed, but were part of an elaborate system to determine precise timings necessary for the cultivation of medicinal plants. He presents evidence that the Stonehenge was built as an ancient healthcare facility, and that its creators had developed natural remedies for aliments and diseases which still thwart modern medicine - possibly even a cure for cancer.

Author Graham Phillips has been described as an historical detective, a modern-day adventurer, and a real-life Indiana Jones. He has been one of Britain’s bestselling non-fiction authors for over thirty years. In the 1980s, after working as a radio journalist and broadcaster for the BBC and editing a popular monthly magazine, Graham turned his talents to investigating unsolved historical mysteries. He has since written sixteen books that are in print around the world and have been published in many different languages. http://grahamphillips.net

Filmed at the Origins Conference at Rudolf Steiner House in London in November 2019. The lecture features photos by Debbie Cartwright of Earthquest Photography. http://www.earthquestphotography.com/

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