Ruling Elite’s Satanic Goals, Massive Family Trust & Dismantling the Great Reset: Good vs Evil (2/P)
Sarah Westall

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Jessie Czebotar rejoins the program to help us understand more about the Satanic Cult that controls the world's most powerful institutions. We discuss the Great Reset, the timelines, and what their ultimate plan is. We also discuss the cults religion and what they believe to help us understand why they are working so hard to implement an inhuman agenda.
Warning: Before you watch this video, please familiarize yourself with Jessie Czebotar. I recommend watching the first series of videos we recorded to understand her background so this video has meaning. Here is the link to the first in that series: Deep Inside the Satanic Cabal w/ Jessie Czebotar
The most important thing to take from this interview is to further your understanding of how this Luciferian group operates and what they believe. Even if you do not believe any of this, they do. Without understanding what they believe and how they operate, it’s impossible to understand why they do what they do and how to dismantle and neuter their grip on society.
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