ACE2 receptor and Coronavirus + Epstein’s bank moves money
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6 months ago


Recently there was a study, linked below, which analysis the Coronavirus and something called the ACE2 receptor. It would seem that men have more of the ACE2 receptor than woman and also out of all nationalities, Asians, have the highest amounts of the ACE2 receptor. According to the study the ACE2 receptor is an entry way for the Covid-19, or Coronavirus, to cause illness in the population. If this is true, and it is unknown if it is, since this is not a peer reviewed paper yet, then it might explain why the Coronavirus is more prevalent in Asian nations. Also in other news, it would seem that since Jeffery Epstein “passed away”; exit stage left; that his bank account is still moving millions of dollars. A judge has now order a full investigation of why there was so much money moving into his bank accounts, after his death. Link to the ACE2 receptor study:


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